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7:00 am to 10:00  pm, everyday. To ensure the appointment time you prefer, we recommend that you make your reservation as early as possible.

Véronique brings her excellence in the art of massage to you “at home,” whether you are in an hotel, a villa, or on a yacht. She mixes Ayurvedic, Swedish, Hawaiian, and Thai massage techniques, as well as plantar reflexology, using deep, medium, or light pressure, depending on your preference. Perfect for revitalizing the body, improving circulation, or relaxing the muscles, and a great way to restore the overall harmony of your body and regain a sense of deep wellbeing. Hypoallergenic products such as Biotone massage cream and oil used during treatments.


Kobiyoko: Japanese massage anti aging facial 60min.


Fusion Massage: this massage skillfully combines three techniques (Swedish, Lomi Lomi and Reiki) providing a variety of therapy for maximum benefit – 60min/90min


Customized: this personal massage aims to address your specific needs, focusing on the main areas of concern to achieve relief and relaxation – 60min/90min


Relaxed Feet: this foot massage is very restorative; it helps to relieve overall stress by the careful manipulation of the foot, combined with light strokes and gentle pressure – 45min/60min


Jet Lag:  perfect massage for your leg after a long flight


Back Only: to focus on your shoulder and back tension


Star Massage: Hand Feet Head


Massage Therapy Products:

Organic Biotone Cream – this high quality massage cream is made from pure organic ingredients. The jojoba, sunflower and sesame oils, combined with shea butter, have important healing properties and are also rich in vitamins E to nourish and hydrate the skin. The chamomile botanicals soothe sensitive skin and strengthen skin elasticity for a rejuvenating effect.

Dual Purpose Biotone Cream – this is a rich massage cream made with pure natural ingredients. The almond oil and vitamin E moisturize and replenish the skin, while the ivy extract helps to tone and strengthen skin tissue, combined with arnica and aloe vera for their soothing and healing properties.


Himalayan Salt Body Scrub:

Himalayan salt is derived from ancient sea salt deposits. It has a rich mineral content with remarkable holistic health benefits. When used as a body scrub, it acts to exfoliate the skin and remove toxins from the body, while also stimulating circulation. It additionally has a relaxing effect by lowering blood pressure and soothing sore muscles.



This is a perfect massage for ‘first-time’ clients, incorporating a series of long flowing strokes of light to medium pressure, which help to diminish stress and improve circulation – 60min/90 min

Deep Tissue: this massage is designed to treat muscular-skeletal disorders and complaints. It employs specific techniques, based on slow strokes and firm pressure, to achieve a measure of relief – 60min/90 min

Lomi Lomi : is the traditional massage of Hawaii for holistic healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It uses gentle flowing strokes, which work deeply into the muscles, helping to release blockages and redirect energy flow – 60min/90min

Ayurvedic massage: a cornerstone of Indian tradition, Abhyanda is an ‘Ayurvedic’ massage technique that reconnects the body and soul. This massage involves circular pressure, both slow and faster, to give tone and energy to your body and mind. A feeling of recovered well-being and vital energy – 60min/90 min

*These are not therapeutic treatments; all massages are for rest and relaxation.

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Key points

Massages can be combined with Reiki treatment for optimum wellness.

Average price

  • 60 min 150 euro


At your convenience villa, hotel, yacht


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